The Daily Capture Habit

Transform fleeting thoughts into actionable notes in 5 seconds

A Notion Template to capture ideas, notes, and tasks so you will never forget about them, ever.

Remember everything

Record all your ideas in under 5 seconds

Your memory isn't as good as you think
Use Notion to remember it for you instead
Start writing things down to get things done

Forget Nothing

Recall your notes effortlessly

You can't CTRL-F your brain
But you can CTRL-F your digital notes
Simply search for the note you want quickly

get full focus

Get the most out of your flow state

Random thoughts can interrupt your flow
Avoid them by having a space to hold these thoughts so you can focus on the task at hand

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Protect your flow state for maximum productivity

It can be mentally taxing to manage a 9-5 job, build a side business, be there for your family, and engage in your hobbies.And when you get overwhelmed, it will be difficult to remember important information.In turn, this hinders productivity and stresses you out because you can't get things done.If this sounds like you, then this "Daily Capture Habit" system might come in handy.This is a Notion template that will help you do 2 things:1. Record new tasks, notes, and ideas quickly, and
2. Give you easy access to them later anytime, anywhere
With this system, you'll become immune to distractions and 10x your productivity effortlessly.Start experiencing a fuss-free flow state again by using the "Daily Capture Habit" now!

Stop forgetting, start capturing

Don't lose your next Million-Dollar Idea

You'll never know when you'll get your next brilliant idea
But you can make sure you'll never forget about it when it hits you
Use this Notion template to keep them safe until you're ready to use it to achieve your goals

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